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Recent Blog Posts

How to create content out of thin air

Want content that your readers can’t get enough of? Especially on days when you draw a total blank and can’t think of one darn thing? We’ve all hit that wall. But I’ve figured out a great way to get around it…. I head to my archives, find a popular post or product from my past,

5 Easy Steps for a New Year’s Website Cleanse

As we cruise toward the end of January, I’m betting you’ve just about had your fill of hearing about the latest new thing you have to do to get your business ready for 2018. Stuff like snazzy new masterminds, 30-day challenges, or online classes that promise extraordinary results. I don’t know about you, but I’m

One hack for boosting writing quality & consistency in 2018

Does this sound familiar? “I’ve got lots of subscribers for my newsletter – but I rarely send them anything.” “Everything I write is rushed, last-minute, and pretty much gives me an anxiety attack.” What do I write about for my blog? Wait, forget that, WHEN do I find the time to write for my blog?

10 creative holiday card messages

Writing unique and interesting messages in the annual holiday cards you send out as part of your business can be pretty intimidating. Just getting one year right is tough enough, now try to do it all over again, without repeating yourself, year after year. If this is something you struggle with, I’ve rounded up some

What Our Clients Have To Say

  • When I need writing that I know will be professional, focused, and make me look my very best, I turn to Dawn Mena every time. Dawn is an experienced writer and really knows her stuff, but the best thing about her is that her writing comes from the heart. She takes the time to dig deep and truly understand each project, including my mindset and my goals, resulting in content that perfectly fits me, my business and getting the results I want. Dawn’s professionalism is outstanding and she has a real love and passion for what she does. Thanks to her, I am confident that my content supports my business by getting the right message to the right people in a way that makes me shine.

    Jennifer Shultz, CEO & Founder Jennifer Shultz Style
  • Dawn is our secret weapon for strategic and creative copy that gets attention and gets the results we want. From the first day we started working with Dawn (more than 5 years ago) she showed a rare talent for producing content that creates the experience we want our customers to have. She is responsive, professional, timely, and able to handle projects without a lot of detailed direction or hand-holding (which saves us a huge amount of time, money and stress!). She has an amazing “can do” attitude and is often able to predict our needs and identify new ways to expand our reach through creative online marketing. I don't know what we'd do without Dawn! She is an integral part of our team who we trust to represent the heart of our business and brand in almost everything we do.

    Cindy Tyler, CEO, Vervante Publishing Inc.
  • I trust Dawn to know what I like, how to write it, how it is to be communicated, and the level of my reading audience. After a brief overview of a topic, she’s on to it—delivering superb work to deadline. Dawn writes with vigor, humor and intelligence on well-researched topics. If you think genuine, talented content writers on the Internet don’t exist, you’re wrong. There’s certainly one, and I’m thrilled to recommend Dawn Mena.  

    Gayle Howard, Owner, Top Margin Executive Resumes and Coaching
  • Dawn possesses a true gift for creating beautifully written content that is clear, concise and perfectly tailored for our unique needs. Our executive team was wowed by the custom bios she created for them – and her writing for our company’s products and services is flawless. A true professional with a unique talent, Dawn is truly one of the best writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  

    Deanna Latson, CPO, ARIIX Corporation
  • No one else has managed to capture my story and my business in a way that ultimately sizzled like Dawn has. If I had to name someone who I know confidently could fulfill your need to describe, promote and nail the definition and quality of you or your company, it’s Dawn Mena.

    Kathy Kaehler, Founder, Sunday Set-Up™, Fitness Hall of Fame Celebrity Trainer, Spokesperson & Author
  • Dawn has far exceeded all of my expectations delving into unexplored channels to assist our business in ways that were not anticipated. She has an intuitive ability to recognize our needs and neatly tie it all together including messaging and technology. She is an integral part of our experience and an invaluable resource and I’ve come to trust her with all our content needs!  

    Mike Pugh. Mike Pugh Real Estate – Arlington, VA
  • There are so many things I love about working with Dawn. She is such a delight. I can throw any idea at her, and she is game. She works with me to decide what is best for my audience, she writes beautifully, and she always produces on time, if not early. I couldn’t imagine using anyone but Dawn for my writing needs, and I would happily recommend her to anyone. I feel so blessed to have her on my team!

    Carmen Coker, Professional Organizer, Carmen Coker International
  • Dawn was a joy to work with and eased my anxieties when it came to turning in my first manuscript to a publisher. Her feedback gave me the confidence I needed to hit the 'send' button and continue the process of book writing. I am grateful for her attention to detail and encouragement along the way!

    Erin Odom, Author of More Than Just Making It. Blogger, The Humbled Homemaker
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