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10 No-Fail Topics for Your Blog

no fail blog topicsEver sit down at the computer, revved up to write your latest, greatest article, and then just blank out? Or maybe you just dread writing at all – and feel like you can never come up with something good to write about? Every business owner, entrepreneur, author, speaker, community leader, you-name-it – goes through the same thing. Well, I’m here to help you with that. With these Top 10 sure-fire topics, you’ll have inspiration always near at hand to guide you as you write a blog post, newsletter article, or any other material that shares your brilliance and value – and will captivate your audience.


Everyone loves to get something for free. Something of value. By giving away small tidbits and golden nuggets of advice, tips, instructions or whatever best fits your area of expertise, you will build a loyal audience who can’t wait to read what you will send them next. Share instructions for projects, activities, etc. that your audience can use and that will build their trust in you a being 1) a person who really knows what they are talking about and 2) someone they know will provide them with value and knowledge. Ideas: If you are an event planner, give instructions for making homemade invitations that look better than professionally-printed ones. Cupcake makers can upload a video or a series of photos that share how to pipe that cool frosting swirl on top.


Have you read a good book or article lately that focused on your area of business or expertise? Found a product you just can’t live without or attended an event with a fantastic guest speaker? Share it with your audience. Include an anecdote about your experience, how it helped or affected you, and an internet link if possible. Let your readers know why you liked it and what makes it so valuable. Everyone appreciates a good recommendation and it’s a genuine grateful action to acknowledge positive influences in the world around us.


Everyone loves a list. Take your knowledge and experience and turn it into value or even entertainment for your readers by giving them a list. Ideas: If you are a florist, list your top picks for a wedding bouquet. Beauty product representative? Give your audience a list of morning or evening activities and/or products they can use to kick up their beauty routine. Make it simple and make it valuable.


Take a few minutes to surf around online or talk to people you meet at your next networking group to find out what people are talking about within your field of expertise. There are bound to be questions or concerns that you are uniquely qualified to answer. Write an article, blog post or newsletter that addresses one of these questions and provide your answer. Share your brilliance and help others to find resolution to all those little puzzles that they have to solve in their business and life. Next time they need help in that area – they’ll think of you!


Do you subscribe to a news service that gives you up-to-date info on the latest in your industry or area of interest? Are you always the first-to-know about the latest and greatest in your community? Share that valuable knowledge – and your thoughts, feedback and reflections on that specific current event or issue – and become known as the go-to person with valuable and timely knowledge and insight.


I’ve received some testimonials from clients that I’m really proud of. They not only endorse me, but they tell a story about the work we did together and highlight the accomplishments we achieved. These make for great short articles to share with your audience. Make sure they’re both interesting and true – and you’ll build credibility and be able to share in more depth the value and type of work that you offer as well.


Next to Top 10 lists, people love quizzes. Look at many of the magazines and websites out there that are thriving – they are built on a veritable foundation of quizzes. Join the party and offer a quiz of your own. Quizzes are great. You are able to entertain your audience at the same time that you are gathering valuable information as well. Ask them what their biggest worries are within your area of expertise. Have them rate products or services they most want. See where I’m going with this? Everyone loves to have a say in something – let them have it via a quiz and you’ll have some really valuable info to help you develop your business, products, services and even more article ideas as well.

i-love-this-a-red8. PERSONAL INSIGHTS

Let you true personality show through in your writing. Robotic and sterile writing will get you yawns. Don’t be afraid to let you personality show through, inject personal thoughts and share insights of the real you. Worried above how much is too much? Just give it this test: Picture the client you absolutely love and want to keep forever. If you said this to them, would they do an about-face and walk away as quickly as possible? Then you should probably re-think what you’re writing. Would they smile, nod in agreement, laugh or say “heck, yeah!”? Then go for it!


Reach out to colleagues, team members, people you have worked with or loyal clients. Ask them if they would like to have their time in the spotlight as a guest writer on your blog, website or newsletter. This is a win-win situation all around. The guest writer gains an opportunity to share his or her message with your audience and gain visibility. You are providing a fresh voice that still brings value and keeps your audience’s attention. Chances are, your guest writer may also be willing to share an article that you have written with their audience as well.


This is your chance to reach out to someone that interests or inspires you and ask them if you can feature them in an article in your newsletter/blog/website. If they are busy, maybe they could answer 2 or 3 questions via email. Or they might agree to a 15-minute interview. By profiling or interviewing those who are leaders in your community or field of expertise, you will be providing an article of great interest for your readers and increasing your visibility and exposure to a whole new audience.

Awesome, that was fun! You’ve got 10 article topics under your belt and I’m betting that the wheels are spinning and the ideas are bubbling up right now. Quick! Grab a pen and write down those ideas.

And when in doubt, remember: Be brave, write from your heart, and above all – be captivating!



Dawn Mena10 No-Fail Topics for Your Blog