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12 Steps to Get More Readers

bloggingIf you are a blogger, you spend countless hours writing posts and then wait for a response. Zero comments sometimes makes you wonder if anyone is reading your posts. What is a blogger to do?

Michelle Shaeffer (aka: The Girl Blogger Next Door) wrote a great post on how to get more readers to your blog that I often refer back to when I feel like I’m not doing enough. It’s one of those articles you want to print and hang on your bulletin board to remind you of the steps to take after every post. A few I already do, but there are some that are new (at least for me) or have a different slant to them that I dig.

For example…Michelle says:

“Build internal links. Do a quick keyword or key phrase search on your blog to find where you’ve previously written about related topics.  Look for places to link from those old posts to your new post (and from your new post to old posts).”

LOVE IT! This is just one of her tips. There are 11 more, some are lists within the list. This post was a big help to me and I’m sure you will learn from it as well.

Hop over to her post, How to Get More Readers to Your Blog Post (After You Publish Checklist) and learn about the other 11 steps for leading more readers to your blog.

My question? What methods do you use to get more readers for your blog / newsletter / social media? Share, please, and we can learn and grow together in the comments below! : )

Dawn Mena12 Steps to Get More Readers