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40 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

40 Things You Didn't Know About MeIt’s my birthday this week. And in honor of the fact that I recently entered my 40s (how recently is my business, we won’t get into that) I thought it would be fun to let you get a peek into my world and learn a little more about me. You can read my official bio here, but I thought it would be fun to share this different kind of insight here:

1. I hate it when people ask me my favorite color. How can you pick just one? I like them all! Except pea-green. Ick.

2. I love watching Hallmark Channel movies, especially the corny holiday-themed ones.

3. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, an auto-immune disorder, and am committed to dealing with it as naturally and holistically as I can.

4. I am attempting to convert to a gluten-free diet. If you see me crying in front of a doughnut case, you’ll know why.

5. I’m thinking about starting a gluten-free blog to document my journey. Not sure, but I bought the URL.

6. I buy URLs a lot. It’s a weakness.

7. I will celebrate my 20th anniversary later this year to a man I love dearly – and who I know loves me. (He must, having stuck with me this long!)

8. My husband is an LAPD narcotics detective who has been on the job for 27 years.

9. One morning my husband lovingly kissed me goodbye and said, “gotta hurry honey, meeting a hooker this morning!”

10. My birthday is 3 days after Valentine’s Day. Growing up I received a lot of heart boxes filled with chocolates that had been marked down on clearance the day after.

Wedding199611. We honeymooned on St. Bart’s.

12. My parents have been married 48 years. My husband’s parents have been married 64 years. We are blessed with good examples to guide us.

13. I have 2 teenagers – boy and girl. They are the loves of my life and I am a super proud mom.

14. I grew up on a farm. I scooped chicken poop for my allowance and sold eggs on the roadside for extra money.

15. I come from a long line of women who show their love by baking. I love to bake.

16. The only reason I am not roughly the size of a blimp (re: love of baking) is that I give away a lot of goodies.

17. My neighbors love me (see #16). My husband’s partners and various squads he’s been in over the years love me (see #16)

18. I grew up in the Show-Me State (Missouri). I’ve heard pretty much every “show me” joke you can think of. Yes, even the dirty ones.

19. My middle name is Renee.

20. I am the eldest of three kids. Yes, I’m bossy.

21. I wanted to be Wonder Woman when I grew up. I still do.

22. I love to put fruit and citrus and mint leaves in my water and drink it out of pretty glasses. For no reason at all.

23. I write and think better when I have either flowers or candles on my desk.

24. I was first published as a writer in 3rd grade. It was in our local paper for a poetry content I won. The poem was titled “A Sunny Day Means Good Weather.” Groundbreaking stuff, but it fueled my fire for writing!

25. I have a sewing machine. I can’t sew. I think my problem starts with that I don’t know how to thread the damn thing.

26. My high school had a “Drive Your Tractor to School Day.”

27. I have a Maltipoo named Bella. She is the darling of our family and pretty much rules our home.

28. I still go to the library. I love it. And I made sure my kids loved it too as they grew up.

29. I started my first blog when they were still called “web logs” and was pregnant with my son. He’s 16. I’m still blogging.

30. My very first blog was recognized as one of the Top Blogs to Read in Los Angeles in 2001. It was about my life married to the badge.

31. I live in Southern California, north of Los Angeles and South of Santa Barbara. Malibu is 20 minutes away.

32. I really don’t like that it’s 80 degrees in February. Just doesn’t feel natural.

33. I miss wearing sweaters. I love sweaters.

34. I collect stationery. And I love to write actual letters.

35. My grandmother who I was very close with wrote to me every week when I was away at college. One of my biggest regrets is that I saved only 1 or 2 of those letters. One of my greatest treasures are those letters. I get them out once a year, read them, hear her and my Grandfather’s voices and cry. It keeps them near.

36. I own a pair of cowboy boots that pre-date my marriage.

37. I have the gift of sleep – I can sleep at any time when I need to and sleep through most anything.

Bryce canyon 068 - Copy38. I’ve volunteered with a nonprofit group that supports wives of police officers. And at a Chumash Native American Museum. And at my kid’s school, through my church, and pretty much try to give back as much and as often as I can through service to others.

39. I pray. Often. It’s how I get through a lot and keep in touch with what’s important.

40. I love adventures in the mountains, hiking, riding ATVs and snowmobiling. We visit Utah and Wyoming a lot.

If you made it all the way through that, thanks! I had a lot of fun writing this. Did you learn anything new about me? If so, share it in the comments below.

And if you’re interested in the more professional aspects of me, you can read my “official” bio here.

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