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A New Use for Testimonials

Need to post some great content for your business online but got a bad case of writer’s block? Well, you probably already have a great resource in hand – written, edited and perfect for supporting your business – Testimonials!

Some of the best things you can say about yourself often come from someone else – a satisfied client or customer. If you’re like me, you probably have a file full of happy client testimonials that you have gathered over the years. Don’t forget about the power of using these testimonials. Sure, we’ve all gathered testimonials over the years, but then what? You may have put some up on your website, but otherwise, are they still just sitting there, languishing? Testimonials are wonderful content that often fall under the radar or are eventually forgotten.

Here’s a simple, easy Captivating Copy tip that you can put to use TODAY for your biz – give those testimonials new life as part of an article for your blog or newsletter! Share the testimonial as the foundation of an article about your client/customer, the project you worked on together or the product they used and the transformation or value they experienced. When your readers see the praise that a satisfied customer shared about you, along with the story that brought it to be, this “testimonial” article will leave a lasting, positive impression of your expertise and authority in your nice – with the added benefit of increased sales, signups or connections.

Dawn MenaA New Use for Testimonials

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