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An Easy Way to Add Some Serious Dazzle to Testimonials

trustYou may not know it, but one of the copy writing projects I often work on is testimonials. I LOVE working with these, but it makes me sad to see how little they are used, read and shared when they really need to get out there. I’m betting that most of you reading this right now have a batch of testimonials that happy clients have provided in the past. These are one of the best ways to build trust, especially when it comes to potential clients and customers, and you absolutely should be using them. The problem is that in this time-crunched world, people who would benefit from reading those testimonials about you are probably skimming over them at best and missing out on the really good meaty stuff.

Well, I’ve found an easy way to pull out the best parts of testimonials and give them the spotlight they deserve. I’ve been busy lately rolling this out for my clients, and I’ll show you here how you can easily do this yourself.

STEP 1: Let’s start with a sample testimonial I’ll use from my website testimonial page:

“Dawn possesses a true gift for creating beautifully written content that is clear, concise and perfectly tailored for our unique needs. Our executive team was wowed by the custom bios she created for them – and her writing for our company’s products and services was flawless. A true professional with a unique talent, Dawn is truly one of the best writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

STEP 2: Find the phrases in that testimonial that you would like readers to know about you. For this testimonial, there are a few different phrases I could use, depending on what I’d like to focus on. If I wanted to promote my bio writing skills, I would use “our executive team was wowed by the custom bios she created.” If I wanted to promote myself as a professional writer in general, I would use “A true professional with a unique talent.” There are a lot of possibilities.

testimonial-exampleSTEP 3: Now, use that phrase as a sort of headline for your testimonial. You can add it above each one on a website testimonial page. Or you could create a graphic that would be great for social media, like this:

STEP 4: No more steps, you did it! Now, I literally made this graphic using Canva in about 3 minutes, so there’s definitely more you could do with graphics to dress this up, like adding logos or headshots of the person who is giving you the testimonial. But overall, you can see that by creating a “headline” for each testimonial you are able to draw focus to the hidden gold inside it that many people might miss.

If you are still sitting on testimonials happy, satisfied clients have given you, I urge you to head on over to your website and start sharing them today. Because what’s more powerful than someone sharing a story about how you helped them in their own words? Not much!

I’d love to hear how you use testimonials in your business – and how you share them online. Please leave your thoughts, and a link to your testimonial page, in the comments below so we can all share in each others’ awesomeness.





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Dawn MenaAn Easy Way to Add Some Serious Dazzle to Testimonials