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Why bios are still important in a visual world

my story frameI kind of felt like throwing my drink in someone’s face the other day.

A woman I met at a networking event informed me that “bios aren’t necessary anymore. Social media lets everyone know everything about us, so why waste our time?” In fact, she said that in this highly visual world of Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, writing in general is “overrated and a waste of time.”

Once my heart restarted and I counted to 10, I asked her this:

“When someone likes your Pins, then clicks through to your profile to learn more about you, does it share your story and the value you bring to the world? When someone likes your Instagram photos or watches a YouTube video, are they able to immediately learn more about you and how to contact you or work with you? Or are they shut down by a lack of info?”

Your bio, whether it’s a quick invitation and an email link or a longer story with a special offer, is as essential today as ever. The format and length may change, but the power of your story is as strong as ever.

Write it! Share it! Own it!

Stumped by size limits? Need ideas? Check out how I do it:

What do you think? Is writing overrated? Or is sharing a story, our value and what makes us unique just as important as ever? Share below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Dawn MenaWhy bios are still important in a visual world