Random Acts of Kindness Week

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week! While I firmly believe that this is a theme that should be embraced all year long, I do love that there is an official week dedicated to it, especially when it comes to writing (of course). To launch the week with a bang, I shared with the members of

Blogging: Don’t forget to tell your readers what you do

I’m going to share something personal here. A few years back I had a business coach tell / scold me that even though my products and programs were fantastic, there was one small issue that held back the growth of my business. No one really knew what I did! Are you guilty of this in

Tips for writing great guest posts

Ever feel like you’ve hit a plateau when it comes to your blog? No matter how much you write or what you write about, the readers and comments flatline and you feel like you’re spinning your tires fruitlessly. If you’re ready to increase your visibility, capture the attention of new readers and expand your presence

Bought vs. Brought

In my previous post, “Lose vs. Loose,” we talked about commonly misused words that can distract your reader and torpedo your authority. Spell check is not always our friend, so it’s good to have a handle on understanding the difference between words like these. Today let’s talk about Bought vs. Brought. You’ll definitely want to

3 Weird Things that Make My Writing Better

We all have our quirks and today I’m sharing some of the more unusual tactics I employ to support my energy, inspiration and continued nonstop writing for myself and my clients. Whether I’m writing blog posts, newsletter articles, bios, website content or press releases, these are some of the weird ways I stay on top

Expert tips for a successful holiday season

A successful holiday season can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you’re talking to. For some, it’s family, friends and a mountain of cookies. For others, it’s conquering the malls and leaving a trail of glitter behind you wherever you go. Add all of that to a busy business, clients desperate for

How often should I post on my blog?

Let’s talk about Post Frequency One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “How often should I post on my blog?” I’m going to share something really daring that I rarely see other blogging mentors share. You don’t have to post EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The frequency that you post articles on your blog

3 Simple Strategies to Help Your Blog Bloom

It’s no secret that beautiful flower gardens don’t just happen accidentally. It takes careful application of proven techniques to plant, nurture and enjoy nature’s colorful creations. In a way, we can also take this same approach to the writing we do for our businesses – especially our blogs. Without care, blogs can wither and die

3 Simple Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Writing

When it comes to the writing that you do for your business, it’s important to remember these three essential check-points before hitting the “Send” button : SpellCheck – nothing hurts your credibility like a post full of misspellings and grammar goofs.  Don’t post in the heat of the moment – this can often result in

The win-win advantage of guest posts

Feeling overwhelmed and not in the mood to write a new article for your next newsletter, blog or website? Use a guest post! Reach out to other authors, bloggers, colleagues and friends that you admire and who compliment your business. Offer to publish their articles and you’re creating a win-win-win situation. First, You are providing

Using Video as a Business-Building Tool

 Perfection is overrated. “Real” is where it is at. Case in point – here’s a video I shot on the fly when I wanted to share something I’d just been discussing on the phone with a business colleague. We were talking about how powerful video is as a tool to take “connecting” with your audience

How to Ignite Business Growth With Free Reports

Incentives make sense. They add value. They’re an investment in future profits. And besides that, people just LOVE free stuff. Have you ever thought about offering a high-quality free report to both current fans as well as potential clients? Free reports are an excellent way to build trust and instant credibility which in turn will

A Powerful Resource for Writers

As a writer I spend a good large portion of my time…. Writing! No surprise there. But just because I love what I do, and have years of training as a journalist and editor, doesn’t mean that I sit down and – poof! – wonderful copy magically appears. There are many factors that keep me

One video – Lots of great content tips

Video blog today – sharing several ideas to help you when you’re facing writer’s block, not sure what to write or share via video and need a little brainstorm. One video – 90 seconds – and at least FOUR good ideas that you can use for social media, blogs, newsletters, your YouTube channel and more.

The 3 mistakes that keep you from achieving your big writing dreams

Do you have an idea for a book in your head that you just never seem to be able to get done? Or maybe you’ve started it, but your notes are a mess and you despair of ever being able to bring your vision to reality. How about an info product, full of your expertise

How to open a .pages file on a PC

I work with clients all over the world using both Macs and PCs, so I often run into this issue. As a PC user, I used to get stuck once in awhile when a client on a Mac would send me a .pages document that I was unable to open. My inner Jane Geek took

How blogging can help your business

One of the top questions I hear from clients, colleagues and people I meet at networking or speaking events is “How can a blog help my business?” Blogs (short for “Web log”) started out as online journals of a sort, written by individuals to share their opinions, expertise or really whatever they wanted to write

The Power of Positivity

Positivity is one of the most important values of my life. Two years ago my business mentor and I mapped out my personal values and made a chart to see how they affected my life and my business. While I always knew I was an optimistic person, it was eye-opening to see that Positivity topped

10 Ways to Build Trust

One of the biggest challenges you may face as a business owner or entrepreneur – and yet the most rewarding – is building trust between you and your target audience. Trust is a powerful tool. It is a great honor for your clients and readers to bestow upon you as well. Like Spidey says “with great power

Drawing a Blank? Think again!

Every writer has a time when they sit down and draw a total blank. In fact, it happens a lot. But, a smart writer knows a few tricks that can be used at these times in order to inspire and encourage fresh ideas, fun topics and valuable content. As I write for my business, I

Take a month off from writing

With the holiday season and end-of-the-year activities approaching, it’s inevitable that things will be getting a little chaotic. It’s a delicate formula to figure out for keeping a healthy balance between work and life – wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can step away from writing your Twitter, Facebook and blog posts for