Why November is the perfect time to create a new product

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, as everyone likes to call it). It’s a month where authors, and people dreaming of becoming authors, join together in a pledge to write as much as they can in a 30-day caffeine-laden sprint and hopefully finish that novel they’ve been dreaming of. Needless to say, there’s a

Are there too many cooks in your books?

“Dawn, we need to to make a few more changes to the book… again!” Dawn, reading this email, slowly drops her head in defeat to her keyboard. Not…. again…. she says banging her head with each word. Ok, let me back up and really set the scene: I’d been working with a client on his

Author Interview: Lacy Boggs shares how to make a killing with content

Recently I was given the opportunity to chat with Lacy Boggs of The Content Direction Agency about her new book “Make a Killing With Content.” This is a subject near and dear to my heart. Lacy has serious style, she isn’t afraid to bust common blogging myths, and I admire her talent for getting to

Their, They’re and There

Oh the complicated web we weave when we use their, they’re and there. You know what I mean. Just like several of the other confusing word pairs we’ve covered in recent blog posts (every day vs everyday; bought vs brought; lose vs loose) mastery of their, there, and they’re is one of the most vexing

What I’m reading right now

If you love books as much as I do, it’s very likely that you have a stack sitting somewhere in your home or office just waiting to be read. I have to be honest, I currently have stacks in my office, in several rooms around my home AND in my car. I’m always on the

A Powerful Resource for Writers

As a writer I spend a good large portion of my time…. Writing! No surprise there. But just because I love what I do, and have years of training as a journalist and editor, doesn’t mean that I sit down and – poof! – wonderful copy magically appears. There are many factors that keep me

The 3 mistakes that keep you from achieving your big writing dreams

Do you have an idea for a book in your head that you just never seem to be able to get done? Or maybe you’ve started it, but your notes are a mess and you despair of ever being able to bring your vision to reality. How about an info product, full of your expertise