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How to make your About Page irresistible

One of the very first things people check out when they visit a website is the About Page. When was the last time you paid attention to what you have written there? *Blink* and the next thing you know it’s been months, even years, since the last update. Think of the money left on the

Spring cleaning checklist for your website

Websites need regular sprucing up and tender loving care just as much as the rest of your online marketing. Like a business, websites should grow, evolve and change right along with you. It’s the online foundation for your business, the place where both current followers and new peeps will find and learn about you. I’m

40 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

It’s my birthday this week. And in honor of the fact that I recently entered my 40s (how recently is my business, we won’t get into that) I thought it would be fun to let you get a peek into my world and learn a little more about me. You can read my official bio

Customer Service Secrets

I was reading an article by Chris Brogan today titled “Customer Service is Marketing,” and was struck by how deeply this is true for ALL types of business, large or small, service or product-based, whatever. If you provide something, you have customers. If you have customers, customer service is an issue. Period. End of story.

12 Steps to Get More Readers

If you are a blogger, you spend countless hours writing posts and then wait for a response. Zero comments sometimes makes you wonder if anyone is reading your posts. What is a blogger to do? Michelle Shaeffer (aka: The Girl Blogger Next Door) wrote a great post on how to get more readers to your

Why bios are still important in a visual world

I kind of felt like throwing my drink in someone’s face the other day. A woman I met at a networking event informed me that “bios aren’t necessary anymore. Social media lets everyone know everything about us, so why waste our time?” In fact, she said that in this highly visual world of Pinterest, Instagram

Is Your Website Missing This?

You might have a gorgeous website with lots of bells and whistles, beautiful photos and lots of great copy, but there is one simple element that is often forgotten. And this simple element can be the key to success or failure when it comes to the bottom line – converting curious readers into invested fans,

Who is Dawn Mena?

You know, I’ve been doing this for 8 years now and I realized that I’ve taken it for granted that you know who I am. So here goes… And if you think you know me, you might be surprised. My name is Dawn Mena. I’m the founder and CEO of a professional content and copywriting

The Writing Mistake that Costs You Money

For many businesses, December is traditionally a last-minute frenzy of preparations for the New Year. New products, new programs, webinars, newsletters, events… you name it, someone out there is planning it. There is one element, however, than many overlook when planning ahead for the New Year – your content! Focusing entirely on what’s new can

Two things your readers won’t forgive

The last thing you want readers to feel when they read your latest update is to be turned off by what they see. Their time and attention are precious. You, as the writer, need to always be aware of this as you craft your next blog article, newsletter, social media post or wherever it is

3 Easy Ways to Find New Ideas for Your Blog

Do you feel like you constantly struggle to come up with ideas for your blogs, newsletters and social media? Believe it or not, I used to blank out all the time too. Seriously. But I’ve figured out ways to generate ideas for new and interesting content that keeps my audiences engaged and support my business

Summer Survival Tips for Entrepreneurs

You know, I’m surrounded by brilliant people. Hard-working, creative, intelligent, motivated and just plain all-around wow types. (Yes, I’m talkin’ to you!) Sometimes I look at these people and think “how the heck are they doing it? They seem so together, so organized.” When I ask them that, they laugh! And tell me that they

Affect vs. Effect

Previous articles on this blog have dealt with the confusion caused by the homophones “your” and “you’re,” and the terrible trio of “there,” “they’re,” and “their.” This entry is similar, in that the two words, “affect” and “effect,” are generally pronounced the same. Still, the distinction between “affect” and “effect” is a clear and easy

Your vs. You’re

Welcome to one more in a series of articles tackling tricky words that can make people laugh, make people cringe and, at worst, hurt your professionalism writing online. For this one, we’ll look at a pair that may seem easy to keep track of, but believe me, if Facebook and Twitter are any indication, it

Their, They’re and There

Oh the complicated web we weave when we use their, they’re and there. You know what I mean. Just like several of the other confusing word pairs we’ve covered in recent blog posts (every day vs everyday; bought vs brought; lose vs loose) mastery of their, there, and they’re is one of the most vexing

Blogging: Don’t forget to tell your readers what you do

I’m going to share something personal here. A few years back I had a business coach tell / scold me that even though my products and programs were fantastic, there was one small issue that held back the growth of my business. No one really knew what I did! Are you guilty of this in

Everyday vs. Every day

In a continuation of our “confusing words” series of articles, today we’re looking at “Every Day” vs. “Everyday.” Oh, what a difference a little space can make. Especially when it comes to this common pair of words that love to trip people up. Sometimes written words have a lot in common with the Blues—it’s not

Tips for writing great guest posts

Ever feel like you’ve hit a plateau when it comes to your blog? No matter how much you write or what you write about, the readers and comments flatline and you feel like you’re spinning your tires fruitlessly. If you’re ready to increase your visibility, capture the attention of new readers and expand your presence

Bought vs. Brought

In my previous post, “Lose vs. Loose,” we talked about commonly misused words that can distract your reader and torpedo your authority. Spell check is not always our friend, so it’s good to have a handle on understanding the difference between words like these. Today let’s talk about Bought vs. Brought. You’ll definitely want to

Lose vs. Loose

We’ve all been stuck trying to figure the right word to use when we’re writing, but what can be worse is using the wrong word and not realizing we’ve chosen poorly. There are a few words I see commonly used – and misused – that have the pesky quality of sounding or looking very similar,

3 Weird Things that Make My Writing Better

We all have our quirks and today I’m sharing some of the more unusual tactics I employ to support my energy, inspiration and continued nonstop writing for myself and my clients. Whether I’m writing blog posts, newsletter articles, bios, website content or press releases, these are some of the weird ways I stay on top

Best Writing Tips of 2013

From blogging tips to article ideas to productivity and positivity, we’ve published articles throughout the year on this blog to help our readers uplevel their writing skills and understand how strategic content can help them reach their goals. While these posts are filled with great info, graphics, tips, strategies and ideas, it’s also the people