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My simple secret for consistent blogging

golden glowing bookPeople ask me all the time what my secret is for maintaining a consistent presence on my blog, in my social media, and writing for newsletters and other websites. Not to mention the fact that I regularly ghostwrite or ghostblog for my clients on a regular basis, too.

My secret is pretty old-fashioned actually. It’s a calendar. I’m a high-tech girl, living in a high-tech world, (sounds like a Madonna song!), but I have yet to find anything that beats the simple, monthly calendar I use for keeping my writing, marketing, and posting activity on track.

Here’s how I do it:

1. Start with a simple, 1-page monthly calendar that has enough space for you to write in each day if you need. Print out mine, if you like. CLICK HERE to download it.

2. Fill in important dates like holidays, product launches, events you are hosting or attending, etc.

3. Decide on what days and how often you will blog and make a notation on those days. The same goes for your newsletters as well.

4. Choose when to post to social media and put those on the calendar.

5. Make a note of the subject or topic for each blog article, newsletter or social media post, especially if they will support an upcoming event or product launch.

See what we did here? These tasks are just as important for your business as the conference calls, coffee chats, networking meetings and clients confabs that we schedule all the time. They deserve a place of importance on your calendar and by creating this you are better able to remember when, where and what to post, stress-free and on-track. Try it – I promise you’ll be amazed at how much this simple activity will strengthen your consistency online.

In case you missed it, here’s the link for download the calendar I use: CLICK HERE.

Dawn MenaMy simple secret for consistent blogging

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