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Dawn Talks Bios on TV

I’m very excited to share with you this video of my interview with Fred Arnold and Tera McHugh for SCVTV’s “Out of the Rough” show – a program that helps viewers get their life and their businesses back in the green. While I may seem pretty calm during the interview, the backstory from that day is just as interesting.

The week before the scheduled interview I had to make a last-minute trip to see family in Missouri, where I grew up. Scheduled to fly in early the morning of the day of the interview, I had hours of time to get home, refreshed and to the studio, so wasn’t too worried. Our flight was moved even earlier for departure from Kansas City, so I ended up having to get up at the early hour of 2 a.m. Pacific Time to get my self and kids to the airport on time. I still wasn’t too worried, but then the great God of Airport Delays decided to mess with me. Several frantic texts, calls, a very supportive husband later, I arrived to the studios a bit flustered by still ready to go on.

You probably can’t see, but I had a few notes scribbled on a napkin (during a particularly long delay in SLC) that are “hidden” behind my coffee cup during the interview. What’s great is that I didn’t even need to use them. Tera McHugh was a superstar in rescheduling the interview order so that I could make it in time – and both she and Fred Arnold were pros at making me feel comfortable and relaxed.

The end result was perfection – I was able to take a breath, relax, ignore my notes and just be me. A conversation like this is so much more fun for both the speakers and the audience, I think, and often there is much greater value in the spontaneous golden nuggets that come out of these kinds of interviews. Loved the experience and I hope you like it too. Thanks!!!

Dawn MenaDawn Talks Bios on TV