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Don’t leave $$ on the table

money6One of the most popular resolutions people make (at any time of the year) usually centers around getting organized. I’m betting that many of you have made organizational goals this year – for your home, life or business. If you are working on a list of tasks that will help you get your business organized, I’ve got the perfect task that’s easy, effective and just may make the difference between you getting that next client or not.

When was the last time you reviewed all of your online accounts to make sure your Bio and Contact information is up to date? All too often we let the “About” pages of our websites, blogs, social media and more sit unattended for months or even years after we create them. Take a look at the bios you are putting out there on your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Pinterest profiles, Google+, etc.

When a potential client is researching online, reads your bio and thinks “Hey, this is just the woman for the job!,” where is the next place they will look? The contact page, of course! Is your email address up to date? Phone numbers? Links to current social media accounts, stores and shopping carts functioning correctly?

Think of the money left on the table when potential customers read an outdated bio that doesn’t list your latest events, products or services. Or if they call an “out of service” phone number or the email they send bounces back as “undeliverable.” TAKE ACTION: Make a note to yourself right now to make sure that your Bio and contact information is up to date and ready to go. Then enjoy the satisfaction of checking a very important item off your business organizing list.

 Don’t you just love it when we’re productive?!



Dawn MenaDon’t leave $$ on the table

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