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Finally, a contact page that doesn’t bore

Ever visit someone’s website to find out more about them?
You like what you see. Hey now, this might be what I’m looking for!

So you head on over to the Contact page to follow up. There’s not much to it. A phone number. Maybe a fill-in-the-blank form. *yawn*  Enthusiasm? Gone! Maybe this person just isn’t right for you – it’s time to move on.

Website contact pages have become the neglected after-thoughts of the internet. Let’s face it, a lot of them are pretty boring. We’re talking snoozeville here.

This is probably one of the most neglected pages I see on websites. And one of the top 3 pages that people new to you will visit their first time on your website.

Sucky contact pages? Not in our house! When it comes to your Contact Page, you’ve got an opportunity to add a little pizzazz to your readers’ experience – and give them a reason to reach out to you. So here’s a few ideas to snazzify yours right now:

  1. Make an opening statement: Give readers a peek at your personality by including a statement at the top of your page that welcomes, offers understanding and help, and makes them feel wanted, heard and appreciated. It doesn’t have to be long. Just a sentence or two can say a lot.
  2. Invite them to the party: If you’re active in Instagram, or maybe you prefer to spend your time in Facebook, let them know. Invite them to connect with you through a link on your Contact page. And when they do, send them a personal “hello.”
  3. Map it out: If you have an office or store, add a Google Map to help people find you. Tricky place to access? Give good directions so they don’t arrive frazzled.
  4. Personalize the crap out of your page: Share photos of you, your office space, friendly faces at work, pets in the office, client interactions. Switch it up once in a while to keep things fresh. You can even create a fun infographic that ties everything together, like Inkwell Press does (see link below).

Need some inspiration? I love examples, so here’s a few good ones:

  1. Inkwell Press (productivity products)
  2. From Shelley With Love (personal style, fashion, beauty, décor)
  3. Melissa Cassera (publicity strategist, screenwriter)
  4. Your Content Empire (content creation tips)
  5. Marie Forleo (inspiration, business coach, everything)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a connection with potential clients, customers, friends, and awesome new people because your contact page let them down. Try out some of these tips so people can see how awesome you are. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Dawn MenaFinally, a contact page that doesn’t bore