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How personality makes your writing better


Recently I received an email. (see example #1) Then I rewrote that email for a little experiment (see example #2). Read on and find out why Personality is the key to taking your writing to the next level – and how you can infuse your writing with your personality to really connect with readers, boost your business and truly Connect & Convert with your words.

Example #1 Dear Dawn: I was thinking about you today. For good Facebook posts, you should definitely tell readers something that will help you stand out from the usual conversations. Is there a new factoid you can share? Current events or information that they will appreciate? Good tips mean happy readers and better social media interaction.

Example #2: Dear Dawn: Holy crap, if I read one more Facebook post about cupcakes, kale or that Freaky Dress, I might lose it. You asked me to send you updates on best ways to write social media content and today I’m going to tell you to break free, stand out, and write something different that the usual trending topics. Who wants to blend in? Not so great when you want to attract new fans, clients or customers. Break the mold, stand up, and talk about something that gets you excited about your business. Shock your readers. Educate, illuminate, identify, or challenge them. Don’t waste their time – and they’ll love you for it.

Example #1 is an actual email I received recently from a social media service (that I will soon be unsubscribing from due to their boring, unoriginal content). Example #2 was my rewrite. What’s the difference between the two paragraphs above that talk about, essentially, the exact same thing?

In a word: Personality!

Which paragraph is more interesting to read, fun, memorable? Yep, the second one, because it’s full to the brim with personality. Personality humanizes you. It cuts through the crap. It makes your writing more authentic (without using the massively overused word “authentic.”) The people you want to connect with will hear you and want more. And unlike bland monotonous copy that is easily forgotten, personality makes you memorable. Bottom line? Personality CONNECTS & CONVERTS!

This goes for your website copy. Your blog and newsletter articles. Social media. Even the images you use with your writing. Everything can be improved with an injection of down-and-dirty personality. Just like branding experts tell you that your branding needs to be consistent throughout your biz – so does the voice / personality that you share throughout all the same dang space. (sorry to get all street on you there, but I feel very strongly about this.)

Me, Niki, Tony SillyWant an example of images with personality? OK, try this. Let’s say that I wanted to share a photo of my trip to a family wedding. Don’t worry, I’m not selling you wedding dresses or cupcakes, it’s just an example. For a “proper” photo I could share a formal shot done by a professional photog with everyone smiling and posed perfectly. However, I want to use something that lets my personality shine through, so I use this one. Me (on the right) and my sister, when told to act normally, tried to strangle our little brother. That’s normal – that’s real life – that’s personality folks.

And so now you ask: HOW do I add more personality to my writing, my company, my brand?

In a few words: Keep it real! Don’t write like your high school English teacher taught you. Don’t try to be super professional and proper.

You don’t have to be crazy, off the wall, or vulgar. Just be sure to inject some warmth, some personality, a little bit of the personal. Write as if you are speaking to someone sitting across the table from you. And by someone I mean a colleague, potential client, booking agent for a local TV show, media interview, networking contact, customer, etc. (Not your high school English teacher.)

Hmm, just like I did with you today!

How do you inject personality into your writing? Is there someone you admire/read that keeps it real? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear!


Dawn MenaHow personality makes your writing better