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How to write a short bio

woman on laptop (3)This is probably one of the most common calls for help that I get when it comes to bios. It goes something like this: “Dawn, help! I just found out an article I submitted to another website/blog/newspaper/magazine was approved for publication! But they asked me to send a 2-3 line bio by end of the day today. What do I write?”

Short bios are indeed tricky. You want to be sure that the readers get to know you better, value your expertise AND are interested enough to click through to your website, follow your writing or somehow stay in touch. Oh, and you need to wow them with something unique so that they are sure to remember you. That’s a pretty big list of things to squeeze into 2-3 lines. Don’t worry, though, it’s possible.

Here are a few quick tips for a 2-3 line bio. There are a few simple facts you need to get in, such as:

  • Your name
  • Your business name
  • Who you serve
  • Contact info
  • Your unique, wow factor (something that makes you stand out)

Examples really are the best for ideas for how your own short bio could look. Here are a few I’ve written for clients (and my own) to get you started:

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