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How to zombie-proof your website

Zombie’s are everywhere these days, right? Movies, TV, even our government is on board with the Pentagon and the CDC releasing official Zombie Preparedness Plans (no joke!). While these are tongue-in-cheek, and it’s fun to debate who are the Top 10 Hunks of the Walking Dead, it got me to thinking about how some of this can actually apply in a realistic way to our websites. And so was born my own official guide for …

How to Zombie-Proof Your Website

STEP 1: Keep it Human: Don’t let your website gather dust, lose its edge, and blend into the mindless crowd. Add personality and give it some sparkle by writing and choosing topics that stay true to your unique voice, brand, and message. Each web page, blog articles, free downloads, launches, products and programs all featured on your website need to be true reflections of the real, live you. Zombie’s don’t have much personality – so be sure plenty of yours shines through.

STEP 2: Attract the Right Crowds: Have you ever seen a well-dressed, stylish zombie? They’re always looking old, worn-out, and pretty darn messy, which means to me that they are attracted to the old, worn-out, and pretty darn messy. If these are words that can be used to describe your website, it’s time for a design refresh! If it’s in your budget, treat yourself to a total redesign. If not, just do a refresh here and there on your page banners, graphics, or small elements that can add some new life. You can hire designers using services like Fiverr, or do it yourself using Canva. I’ve got a free guide you can download on my site (HERE) that walks you through finding free stock photos and editing them using Canva.

STEP 3: Elevate Heart Rates: Keep things lively and make readers want to bust out and start Thriller dancing by providing interesting and valuable extras on your website such as free guides, workbooks, how-to’s, or incentives for signing up for your newsletter.

STEP 4: Have an Escape Plan: If zombies DO overtake your website defenses, it’s a good idea to have an escape plan in the form of regular backups. This isn’t so much about writing content as protecting your content, which is just as important. Talk to your web administrator or designer to make sure you have a system in place. We live in a time when hacking has become much more common. With a backup plan in place, if your website is overrun by zombie hordes you have the power to nuke the infestation and rebuild in safety.

STEP 5: Breathe New Life Into It: Even the best of websites can lose life over time, so it’s important to take stock of your site once a year or so and see what can be updated such as photos, graphics, adding new elements, or taking off old ones that don’t work anymore.

Dawn MenaHow to zombie-proof your website