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Author Interview: Lacy Boggs shares how to make a killing with content

Lacy-trench-headshotRecently I was given the opportunity to chat with Lacy Boggs of The Content Direction Agency about her new book “Make a Killing With Content.” This is a subject near and dear to my heart. Lacy has serious style, she isn’t afraid to bust common blogging myths, and I admire her talent for getting to the point of what’s really important when it comes to creating the right content to build a successful business – and make more money. (Can I get an amen?!)

lacy-ebook-cover-rev1BHow was the book, you ask? I loved it. In fact, I just left my review on the book’s Amazon page HERE. If you’re struggling with getting clear on your own strategy for blogging and content marketing, I recommend adding it to your library ASAP.

Meanwhile, getting to dig into the mind of any author is always a wonderful thing. I asked Lacy to share some thoughts about her writing process and her new book – and let us get to know a little bit more about her, which I’ve shared below. Great books are great. But great books by authors that you know, like and trust? Well, that’s just plain awesome. Here we go:

Dawn: What inspired you to write this book?

Lacy: To be totally honest, it was a challenge from my mentor, Tara Gentile. She did a class with CreativeLive called “How to Write and Publish an Ebook” and I was invited to be in the studio audience. But what inspired me about this topic is that one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see small business owners making is that they don’t have any way that they connect their content to their business metrics — most specifically, sales. In my opinion, if you’re spending time creating content and you don’t know how it’s moving your business forward, you’re wasting your time. This book aims to be a roadmap to solve that problem and connect the dots between content and sales.

Dawn: What is one shocking thing readers will learn about blogging from your book?

Lacy: I feel like I bust a BUNCH of blogging myths in this book, but some of the biggies are that more traffic is not the goal, more content is not the goal, and more effort is not necessarily the solution!  It’s about working smarter, not harder, and doing less better.

Dawn: How do you handle writer’s block?

Lacy: Oh, lordy!  That’s a big one for all of us. Whenever someone tells me she has writer’s block around her blogging, my immediate reaction is to ask her why she’s blogging in the first place.  I find that most people don’t even know why they’re blogging, or they’re doing it because someone told them they should, or they have some vague notion about marketing and traffic and maybe SEO… But in my experience, when you connect the act of writing to a measurable business metric, you become much more inclined to do it. So if I know that my email opt-in rate doubles when I release a new blog post, that’s a good reason for me to get my butt blogging! Other causes of writer’s block can be perfectionism, imposter syndrome (BEEN THERE!), or a lack of planning.

Dawn:  What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever written?

Lacy: We lost my dad to leukemia two years ago and I wrote his obituary so that my mom didn’t have to.  That was tough, but also an important gesture I could make for my family and tribute to my dad.

Dawn: What is the most fun thing you’ve ever written?

Lacy: I’m a huge dork so I crack myself up with some of the emails in my welcome sequence, but I’d say objectively the most fun thing I’ve ever written was when I was writing fanfic. I wrote an entire full-length novel set in the Harry Potter universe, long-hand on yellow legal pads, in my downtime at a supremely boring job round about 2005.

Dawn: Share with us one thing about you that would surprise people.

Lacy: There are so many random things in my life… I’m a classically trained singer, I was a restaurant reviewer for a while, I have a film degree, and I can quote The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy chapter and verse.

Dawn: What makes you happy?

Lacy: I try to choose happy every day, but some things that make me happy are my daughter and husband, bullet journaling, James Corden’s carpool karaoke, steampunk novels, Doctor Who, red lipstick, and a bubbly rosé.

Dawn: How will reading this book make a difference for readers?

Lacy: My goal is really to give readers the confidence to put together their own content marketing strategy for their business that starts with a blog and ends with a sale.  It’s something any business owner can do provided she has the right knowledge and framework to put together a plan and then execute it!  I’m hopeful that this book lays that out clearly and makes it possible for any business of any size or resource-level.

You can read more about Lacy at her site, The Content Direction Agency, and find her book HERE on










Dawn MenaAuthor Interview: Lacy Boggs shares how to make a killing with content