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My Promise to You

It’s a bit late for holiday advice. And I’m not that into resolutions. Really…I’d rather talk about promises.

I’ve been listening to you closely, all year long, and the #1 struggle you’ve shared with me is how beyond overwhelming all this “content” stuff can be. What do I write, where, why, and oh-sweet-mercy how?!

That’s why I’m declaring my promise to you to make 2017 the year that we finally get confident about content – and bit by easy bit we’ll build up our Content Empires together!

> I promise to be real and stick to what’s relevant
> I promise to be less formal, and more fun (because business should be fun!)
> I promise that we’ll get things done
> I promise to stay connected and touch base with you at least twice a month (sometimes more often when hot stuff demands it)

Speaking of hot stuff, here’s some things you can expect from me in 2017:

“Bite-Size” challenges and learnings. I’m sick of being overwhelmed and I know you are too, which is the inspiration behind a new series about creating delicious tidbits of content that excite readers’ appetites and keep them coming back for more.

New services, like 1-on-1 intensives, live get-together brainstorm sessions, and more of the free content-creating challenges you’ve told me to keep on coming.

Oh, and in addition to all that, you can expect to keep getting more helpful surprises and resources from me in 2017. Kinda like … THIS!

Now, enough about me…. Let’s dish about YOU! I’d love to know your hot plans for 2017. Reply in the comments below to fill in these blanks so I can know more about what’s going on with you:

In 2017, I am totally committed to ______ and I am SO excited about _______!

Wishing you all a very happy New Year!

Dawn MenaMy Promise to You