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One easy way to boost website SEO

When I started writing way back in my journalism days, the term “SEO” wasn’t in my vocabulary. But in my work as a copy writer today it’s become a part of almost all my conversations with tech-savvy clients who understand the value of making your business more visible online. I’m not going to get all techie on you, but the bottom line of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to make yourself more visible, more “findable” online. And a lot of that comes down to your content.

I had a great conversation recently with an optimization expert as we put our heads together to help a shared client improve their visibility online. We talked about the usual stuff, more blogs filled with focused keywords and phrases, social media with the same.

And then she mentioned something that blew me away. How so many people online were concentrating on their blogs these days that they were forgetting about something just as strong with huge SEO potential – their websites!

Like Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility, we’ve trained ourselves to go straight to our blogs for boosting online visibility, letting our eyes pass right over something really great we already have set up – our websites – and missing the opportunity to sprinkle lots of those sparkly, captivating words that search engines love so much.

REAL-WORLD EXAMPLE: One of my clients owns a fitness facility in Central California. They pride themselves on being more than just a gym with a unique business model and offerings. But they ran into an SEO problem when they realized that people weren’t finding them online because we originally stayed away from using the word “gym” in their website content. We fixed this by reworking the content slightly to say things like “more than just a gym” or “your neighborhood gym that’s not your normal gym.” We stuck to their original message, but sneakily worked in that word gym to make it easier to find them online.

Think this might be you? Well, let’s fix this right now!

First, you need to have a list of keywords or phrases that you want to be known for. Something that if someone typed them into a Google search, would lead to you. For instance, if you own a gluten-free bakery in the city of Thousand Oaks, your list would include “local gluten free bakery,” “gluten free bakery in Thousand Oaks,” “Thousand Oaks bakery,” “Thousand Oaks gluten free bakery,” “best gluten free bakery in Thousand Oaks,” and so on.

Now go look at your website Home, About, and Contact pages. Are those keywords anywhere to be found? You might be shocked to see that they aren’t! Take a few minutes and work your keywords and phrases into each one of your website pages. It won’t take long, you don’t have to rewrite the whole site. Honestly, you could probably boost your website SEO in less than an hour by doing this exercise.

Writing for SEO in your blogs is great, don’t stop! But also don’t forget the rest of your website. A couple times a year, at least, go through each page and make sure your content includes the most recent keywords and phrases you need to help people find you online.

Dawn MenaOne easy way to boost website SEO