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One hack for boosting writing quality & consistency in 2018

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’ve got lots of subscribers for my newsletter – but I rarely send them anything.”
  • “Everything I write is rushed, last-minute, and pretty much gives me an anxiety attack.”
  • What do I write about for my blog? Wait, forget that, WHEN do I find the time to write for my blog? Ugh!!!!

If finding a way to write more often, write more strategically, and figure out how to do it all with a whole lot less stress sounds great, but you don’t know where to get started, here’s the one thing I suggest you do to get on the right path:

Plan, baby, plan.

It’s that simple. Planning your content in advance can save you from feeling like you’re always rushing to publish, missing deadlines, and realizing it’s been months since you sent a newsletter out.

You probably have great planning skills and use them for managing projects, creating new products or services, helping clients, and getting lots of great business done. But when it comes to content, the big step that a lot of people miss is giving your content the planning attention it needs (and deserves).

So here’s my hack: Get a planner and start planning, you plan-tastic person you!

  • Send out newsletters consistently by planning them out at least 3 months in advance. Plan a day of writing (batching is the best!) and get them outlined and written ahead of time.
  • Blogging can be tackled the same way. Plan your content around future launches or big biz plans. Knowing what you’ll write about ahead of time is half the trick, then you just need to plan time to write (again with the batching!)

Planning is the key to making your writing goals come true –  more content, strategic content, and way less stress. To help you get started, here are a couple of my favorite resources:

Blog Planner: A 1-page download you can use to plan your blogging
Get in the Zone: My newest freebie that will help you learn all my tricks for getting a whole lot of writing done all at once.

Here’s to achieving your content dreams in 2018!

Dawn MenaOne hack for boosting writing quality & consistency in 2018