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As a writer I spend a good large portion of my time…. Writing! No surprise there. But just because I love what I do, and have years of training as a journalist and editor, doesn’t mean that I sit down and – poof! – wonderful copy magically appears. There are many factors that keep me inspired, energized and “in the zone” when I write, of course. For today, though, what’s really been on my mind is a support system we already have, but often falls under the radar. It’s always there, 24-7, and available at a moment’s notice. It’s honest and gives you just what you need when you need it. I’m talking about the wide range of friends, followers, readers and colleagues that we have access to via our social networks.

A network of invested friends and followers is a powerful resource that will boost a writer’s energy, motivation, inspiration and overall quality of content. Sit back and take a look at the diverse connections you have in your life – business networking, social networks online, blogs, newsletters, emails, forums, support groups, masterminds, etc. The list can go on and on. Depending on what your currents needs are, I’m betting you can take a look at all of the networks and connections you enjoy and find just the right group to help you accomplish your next writing goal.

When we are writing for our business or our personal life – for example, working on short stories, books, special reports, how-to guides, cookbooks, or information products – we can all benefit from an energetic, positive, supportive network. Whether it’s your Facebook friends, people who comment on your blog or in-person business or social networking, all of that wonderful group-energy super-boosts your potential as a writer and can only make you better.

Having access to a network of fellow writers, peers, mentors, family and friends allows us to draw strength from their advice and support. Our fellow writers can offer tips and motivation that will help us along the path to success. Colleagues and mentors can give us great insight into how our intended reader will interpret what we write.

For example:

>> Not sure what subject is the most important for you to write about in your blog? Check the comments on your past articles – what gained the most excitement, elicited the most passionate responses, prompted the most questions? Take a deeper look at the feedback from people who comment on your blog to best plan the topics you address in the future.

>> Do you have 3 different ideas for ebooks, but not sure which one needs to be written first? Create a survey and post it on your social media, take it to your mastermind or live business networking group. Ask people which subject excited them most. You don’t need to give away that you are writing these books, just pose your questions and ask your community which subject is the most timely, the most urgent and they really need help with. Bingo! Now you’ve got your first ebook idea and you KNOW that there is a need for it.

Carefully gauging the reactions and comments from readers of our blogs, articles, social media, etc, can help us fine-tune our writing and ensure that we are providing the right kind of insight, instruction or support via our content. And don’t forget the foundation of any network or support group – our friends and family. Bless them all, they will always love and support us, even when we might get discouraged or feel burned out. Especially then!

I love sharing my thoughts with other writers – and hearing their opinions as well. I invite you to email, comment or post your writing thoughts, dilemmas, triumphs and more to me and I’ll be sure to offer the support that I can. No matter what, keep going and remember that you’re doing the “Write” thing for you!

Dawn MenaA Powerful Resource for Writers

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