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Spring cleaning checklist for your website

A Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Website and BlogsWebsites need regular sprucing up and tender loving care just as much as the rest of your online marketing. Like a business, websites should grow, evolve and change right along with you. It’s the online foundation for your business, the place where both current followers and new peeps will find and learn about you.

I’m rolling up my sleeves for my own site – and I’m sharing this Website Spring Cleaning Checklist to help make your website more effective, too. Here are the steps, but if you’re like me and love yourself a list, I’m also including a link below to download a lovely 1-page checklist you can keep handy.

Let’s get started!

1. Headshots: Are your headshots up to date? If someone looked at your website photos, then met you at a local networking event, would they recognize you?

2. Branding: Check that your logo, colors and theme are consistent with your business brand. If someone is a loyal Facebook follower, then moves over to your website, will they feel confident they are in the right place?

3. Navigation: Check that all of your links are still working. Especially on your home page, sidebar, About, Contact and Store page. Skip this step and you might be leaving money on the table!

4. Bio: Speaking of your About page, how’s your bio? Is it current, does it shine a spotlight on what you, who you serve, how you make a difference, and what makes you unique? Here’s my expert tip: “Official” bios in the past were nearly all written in the third person. “Dawn did this” … “Dawn did that.” Currently though, I advise many of my bio clients to have their bios in the first person. Speak directly to your audience, let your personality shine through. It feels much more warm and genuine, boosting your chance of making an emotional connection with readers right from the start.

5. Sidebar: Many sites use a sidebar where they share free giveaways, links to sign up for newsletters, social media information, etc. Don’t let that space get stagnant. Mix it up every once in awhile. Share your most-read blog posts. Promote events or an affiliate partner. “Feature” one of your products or services. Showcase a stunning testimonial.

6. List-building and lead-generation resources: A list-building, lead-generating free report/guide/ebook/etc is an awesome and proven business-building technique. Feature the same one for years on your site, though, and you’re entering Dullsville, population you. Mix it up, feature new ones on your home page, resource page, even listed in your store as $0. Give your audience a reason to check back in once in awhile to see what new awesome resource you are offering. This has been a huge part of how I grow my business and I guarantee you’ll see new ones popping up all year long.

7. Blog articles: When was the last time you posted an article? Dust off your blog. Post at least once per month to get started. Can’t think of anything to write about? Guess what? I can! And I’m happy to share. Click HERE to download my “101 Blog Topic Ideas.”

8. Blog images: Are your images professional, colorful, and support your topic? Are you even using images at all? Read this article to learn why images can be one of the most powerful tools for shining a light on your content and attracting new readers. And click HERE for info about a pack of ready-made graphics you can get for about 50 cents each that’ll spruce up your articles in no time.

9. Contact Page: Check that your email, phone, address and other contact information is up to date.

10. Strategy: Set a strategy in place if you don’t already have one. Not sure what you want to accomplish with your website yet? No problem, just follow my personal 3 rules for my website (and everything I do online): Provide lots of value; make it about your readers; and be personal and real, don’t worry about perfection.

Here’s the link I promised – click HERE to directly download a Spring Cleaning checklist for your website. Good luck, have fun, and let me know how it goes in the comments below!


Dawn MenaSpring cleaning checklist for your website