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The 3 mistakes that keep you from achieving your big writing dreams

Do you have an idea for a book in your head that you just never seem to be able to get done? Or maybe you’ve started it, but your notes are a mess and you despair of ever being able to bring your vision to reality. How about an info product, full of your expertise and creativity, ready to share with your audience and boost your bottom line? Ebooks, blog articles, newsletters …. You name it, I’m betting that you’ve thought of writing something, well, BIG, at some time but never could quite get started, get organized or get finished like you dream of doing.

Hi, Dawn Mena here. In my career I’ve worked with a lot of writers. After 15 years at the Los Angeles Times, 2 years as Editor In Chief of an international print magazine and ongoing author, writer, editor and mentor for countless authors and writers out there, I’ve learned what works – and what holds people back from achieving those BIG WRITING DREAMS.

I’m ready to help you breakthrough the barriers that are holding you back from those BIG WRITING DREAMS with a free call, “The 3 Big Mistakes that Keep You from Writing Success.”

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In this call I’ll share:

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  • The most powerful secret for accomplishing those BIG WRITING PROJECTS that will guarantee success, every time, hands down.

I invite you to join me – and get ready to breakthrough those barriers that are keeping you from unleashing your inner author and finding success (and money!) with those big writing projects.

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Dawn MenaThe 3 mistakes that keep you from achieving your big writing dreams