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The Writing Mistake that Costs You Money

website content ideasFor many businesses, December is traditionally a last-minute frenzy of preparations for the New Year. New products, new programs, webinars, newsletters, events… you name it, someone out there is planning it. There is one element, however, than many overlook when planning ahead for the New Year – your content! Focusing entirely on what’s new can make us forget about updating the content we already have. And that’s a mistake that can really put the hurt on your bottom line.

How can out-of-date content hurt your income? Let’s look at “Dawn.” (great name, right?) Dawn has a new how-to guide she is launching that will help entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders learn how to write captivating business bios. Let’s say that “Frosty” reads some great new marketing copy promoting Dawn’s new guide in her Twitter feed. She thinks it sounds pretty cool, and so she clicks through to Dawn’s website and goes to the About Page to see if Dawn is qualified to share knowledge about this subject.

Dawn’s bio on her website About Page hasn’t been updated in a couple years, though. It doesn’t mention the bio-writing workshops and webinars she’s led during the past year. It doesn’t mention clients talking about how their new bios have transformed their business. Or that Dawn is the author of a Kindle book and several other guides about business bios.

And so Frosty isn’t convinced. And she decides not to click on the Buy Now button, walking away from a product she was initially willing to invest in, all because of old copy.

Don’t make the costly mistake of letting your online copy become outdated and skunky. Instead, schedule an hour into your calendar this month and follow these guidelines below for making sure that your business copy is fresh, fabulous and tells the right story for you – right now!

#1:  Make sure your bio is up to date

When was the last time you read your own bio? Be sure that it stays up to date by adding new achievements, products or programs. Remove anything that you are not focusing on anymore in order to avoid confusion. And ask trusted friends or colleagues to give feedback as well. If you need to create a short bio from scratch, check out this article “How to Write a Short Bio.”

#2:  Update your website copy

Go through each page of your website and make sure everything is up to date. Remove old products or programs, delete past event notices, add fresh testimonials and update your press page with current awards or coverage you may have received. And be sure that your updated bio is also on your About page.

#3:  Shape up your social media

Speaking of using bios, make sure that the bios for your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media accounts are up to date. Is your branding consistent with the rest of your online presence? Are your Facebook Apps still relevant or do they need to be removed? Check any third-party posting systems, like Hootsuite, to make sure the content you have scheduled is up to date.

#4:  Get your blog organized and on track

Finally, don’t forget your blog. Check your Bio or About widget or page to make sure your story is up to date. Brainstorm a list of topic ideas that support your brand and business goals. Boost your blogging by creating a 3-month editorial calendar to help keep you on track. Check out my article about this and download a free Blog Planning Calendar by clicking HERE.

Dawn MenaThe Writing Mistake that Costs You Money