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Who is Dawn Mena?

Small HeadshotYou know, I’ve been doing this for 8 years now and I realized that I’ve taken it for granted that you know who I am. So here goes… And if you think you know me, you might be surprised.

My name is Dawn Mena. I’m the founder and CEO of a professional content and copywriting company called Captivating Copy. I write a lot. Mostly for other people and often as a ghostwriter behind the scenes of websites, blogs and newsletters for small businesses, large corporations and enterprising entrepreneurs. I also teach people how to do their own writing – focusing on business bios (telling your story in a memorable way that leaves a positive impression) and business blogging (for those who say to themselves “I’ve got a blog, now what?!”)

I teach people about strategic writing. And I try to take away their fear by providing easy-to-use and easy-to-understand tips for creating simple, clear copy (no intimidating fancy stuff) that attracts their target audience and supports their business goals.

I used to be a journalist. I worked at papers like the LA Daily News and the Los Angeles Times for 15 years before starting my own business. Typos still make me really twitchy. But I’ve finally learned to let myself use some slang without wincing.

DawnJoeSillyPersonal Stuff: I’m married to a police officer who, after 18+ years of crazy schedules and gross stories, still makes me laugh. And I only find bullets occasionally in the laundry. We have two wonderful kids in their early teens and one very spoiled Maltipoo named Bella. I don’t have gray hair – yet – but my son starts driving in a year so give it time. I love to read, am slightly addicted to Pinterest, and take any chance I can get to play outdoors with my family or just take long walks to recharge my batteries.

I love the people I get to meet through my work. It’s the best part of what I do. And I live my life always striving to be that person who brings a little more light and a lot more love to those around me.

That’s me! Thanks for listening…. now I’d love to hear more about you – tell me something I don’t know!

Dawn MenaWho is Dawn Mena?